Your brand is your reputation, the perception of others about your company and what it offers. While that reputation is based on the product or service itself, awareness and enticement of that product is largely the responsibility of your marketing communications effort. It is often what the potential customer sees first. It is important that you deliver a consistent message that’s on target in both its look and feel. Your job is to create product expectation, often to different audiences in different markets via different media. Be sure it all hangs together across all these platforms.


  • Alberta’s Pride International Indigo, Inc.
  • Becton Dickinson Philippines, Inc.
  • Covidien Philippines, Inc.
  • Covidien Pte Ltd.
  • Galing Pook Foundation, Inc.
  • Street Soccer Philippines | Homeless World Cup
  • Global Football Club
  • Multicare Pharmaceuticals Philippines Incorporated
  • New Marketlink Pharmaceuticals Corporation
  • Cotecna Elite Philippines, Inc.
  • Fresenius Medical Care Philippines Inc.
  • Getz Bros Philippines Incorporated
  • Timeline Group

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